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First of all, thanks for buying a box of Cheese Plz and supporting our little business. We wouldn't be here without you and your addiction to cheese!! Whatever occasion you are celebrating, we wish you all the fun and good times you deserve :)


In fact, we love seeing our customers share their Cheese Plz platters and good times on their socials. So if you feel like creating some Cheese Plz content and posting to your socials, if you tag @cheeseplz_au we will happily DM you a 10% off discount code for your next purchase. We look forward to seeing some beautiful and creative platters (shameless plug here... try and get a picture of the box somewhere in the background!!)

Now, onto the cheeses....


Castello has been around since Danish master cheese maker Rasmus Tholstrup developed the Castello white back in 1893, and have since combined a range of artisan making skills with traditional production methods, along with regional recipes to now offer the world a varying range of uniquely crafted cheeses. The Castello blue goes well with most Sauvignon Blancs, dry Rieslings, and Italian whites. You could also pair it with a sweet dessert wine with strong raisin and nutty notes. But beware anything with high tannins can create harsh combinations!! Heavy beers with high alcohol content also go well.


The Fromagerie Germain Triple Crème is the most decadent of all cheeses. The renowned cheese making company based in Chalancey, France adds cream to this ripened cow’s cheese in order to make it even creamier.  It has a smooth butter-like texture, and because the rind is made with geotrichum, it leaves this cheese less bitter and velvetier. We recommend pairing this cheese with an oaked Chardonnay, or if you want to posh things up a little, go a white Burgundy! Your other safe bets are a Champagne or Chardonnay-based Sparkling wine.

Dorset Drum is an authentic English Farmhouse cheddar, and is one of only a few cheddars to carry the world-renowned Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status for Farmhouse cheddar. Made using milk from herds grazing on the lush, green pastures of South West England, this (mature) cheese comes with a full depth of flavour. It pairs perfectly with Pinot Grigio, a fruity Pinot Noir, or even wheat beers.

Warrnambool Vintage is an award-winning black label cheddar, made by one of the oldest dairy processors in Australia. It is your traditional Aussie cheddar that has a tangy, gritty texture, without being too hearty. It’s a big serving of cheese too, so it may last you longer than one sitting. You can pair this cheddar with a Cab Sav or Port, an oaky Chardonnay, heavy larger or medium-strong dry Cider.

We'd love to get your feedback on your Cheese Plz experience. Whatever it might be, your feedback is invaluable to helping us improve the experience for other like-minded cheese lovers out there!! So please click the button below and leave us a review! 

Cheese be with you.