This month's winning cheese!

triple small.png




Renowned for its quality thanks to medals won at national and international competitions, the Triple Crème Germain is a seriously velvety cheese and we're so excited to bring it to our customers!

Under its white bloomy rind, the Triple Crème Germain is a gooey, mild and indulgent cheesy delicacy. This is because during its production, extra cream is added to the cow's milk to give this cheese an extremely soft centre and elegant buttery texture.

If you're looking for a drink to pair with this cheese, then look no further than something light, like a crisp White wine or Chardonnay (so long as it's not too oaky). If it's red you drink, then stick to something lighter like a Pinot Noir or even a fruity Rosé.

It's a safe bet though that if you like your cheeses gooey and buttery, then treat yourself to this award winner.