If you’re looking for something a little fancy, or even to show off a little, then the Fancy Pants box is for you. Stacked with an ensemble of high quality, premium cheeses and tasty goodies, this box will not disappoint and is sure to impress.


We’ve got for you the popular, crowd-pleasing Milawa blue that combines traditional cheddar textures with a twinge of blue tanginess. Try this one with a bit of Aussie honey (YUM!) We recommend pairing this cheese with a dry Riesling, Sauv Blanc, Rosé or even a light Pinot Noir. As for beers, go a summer or fruity ale or something hoppy.


Next is the crumbling, award winning Maffra Black Cloth Cheddar, one of Australia’s most renowned hard cheeses. It has a distinctive bite that packs a whole lot of flavour and texture. Try this one with a heavy Ale, oaky Chardonnay or dry Cider.


Then comes the oozing, creamy Binnorie Dairy Triple Brie. Be sure to let this cheese breathe for at least 30 minutes out of the fridge before serving so you can fully experience its light and nutty eye brow raising flavour. Enjoy this cheese with a Pilsner or crisp Craft beer, or if you’re serving something other than goon, pair this cheese with Riesling, unoaked Chardonnay, Hunter Valley Semillon, dry Sauv Blanc, or a Pinot Noir.


Lastly, but certainly not least,  is the soft buttery Triple Brie from Fromagerie Germain; this cheese won gold at the 2018/2019 World Cheese Awards. Enough. Said.  And the beauty of this cheese is that it goes splendidly with pretty much any of your usual white wines, be it Riesling, Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio, Champagne or Sparkling.


To bolster this cheese platter, we’ve included some salty prosciutto and marinated green olives (best to cut in half before serving). To clense the palate is a jar of juicy cornichons, and clusters of muscatels for a bit of crunch and sweetness. Then to top it all off we have included one of Australia’s most sought-after honey’s, a jar of fancy pants Pinot paste (think quince paste but made from pinot residue) and gluten free crackers. How good is that?! Better yet, you don’t need to do anything other than press that buy now button and get this high quality box of cheeses delivered straight to your door, hassle free!



SKU: 003
  • - AWARD WINNING Germain Triple Crème Mini Brie 180 grams

    - AWARD WINNING Maffra Black Cloth Cheddar 150 grams

    - Milawa Blue 150 grams

    - Binnorie Triple Brie 180 grams

    - Pinot Paste 130 grams

    - Monteleone Antipasto Mix 150 grams

    - Always Fresh Cornichons 350 grams

    - Molives Mixed Olives 100 grams

    - Brookfarm Brothers Blend Entertainer Mix 70 grams 

    - Beerenberg Honey 60 grams

    - Chefs Choice Muscatel clusters 100 grams

    - Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh Poppy and Sesame 250 grams


    * if items unexpectedly become unavailable, they may change without notice and we will substitute with another quality replacement of equal or better value.