For those of you missing a taste of home, or perhaps looking to expand your taste bud horizons, then our Globe Trotter box has been packed especially for you. Because one thing is for sure; these hand selected items have travelled from afar to reach your doorstep, and boy aren’t we glad to bring them to you! And while we will argue ‘til the cows come home that Aussie cheeses are right up there with the best of them, it’s also pretty hard to look past some of the cheeses starring in our Globe Trotter box.


Consisting of a well-rounded mix of cheese and accompaniments, we have aimed to bring you the best from all parts of the world. We’ve got for you the very popular Castello Blue that has a mild and distinguishable aftertaste; this one pairs surprisingly well with a Red Ale or Stout. And if it’s wine you’re drinking, then go for a Sauv Blanc, Dry Riesling or almost any Italian white. As for the cheddars, we wanted to offer one from home (a black truffle cheddar!!) and one from the UK (a gold medal winner at the British cheese awards). Use this as a chance to decide, once and for all, who does the cheddar better.


And then comes the oozing, rich French brie from Fromagerie Germain that will have you thinking the French aren’t that bad after all. The quality of this cheese speaks for itself, winning a gold medal at the 2018/2019 World Cheese Awards!! It’s pretty hard to miss the right drop for this one; basically stick to any of the following whites: Riesling, Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio, Champagne or Sparkling.


To compliment this range of cheeses, our Globe Trotter box also features some local salty cured meat, quince paste from the shores of Spain and some pickled cornichons of French recipe origins. Then rounding out this box is a handful of gourmet, marinated green olives and a small jar of honey from right here in Aussie. We love pairing this honey with the Castello Blue.


So how about ordering a box of these International stayers today, and take full credit for being a person of the world!! And for those not yet lucky enough to visit these beautiful parts of the world, well then at least we can have you eating tasty food from them!


SKU: 002
  • - AWARD WINNING Fromagerie Germain Triple Crème Mini Brie 180 grams

    - Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar 200 grams

    - Cheese Rebels Black Truffle Cheddar 150 grams

    - Castello Blue 150 grams

    - Monteleone Prosciutto 100 grams

    - Always Fresh Cornichons 350 grams

    - Molives Mixed Olives 100 grams

    - Paiarrop Quince Paste 200 grams

    - Beerenberg Honey 60 grams

    - Urban Pantry Gluten Free Crackers 200 grams


    * if items unexpectedly become unavailable, they may change without notice and we will substitute with another quality replacement of equal or better value.