We all know that cheese and wine go together like... well, cheese and wine!

So Cheese Plz has introduced our retail-ready Snack Packs, targeted to customers looking to pair their wine purchases with a convenient assortment of tasty cheeses, cold meat and condiments.


Our snack packs are completely customisable, meaning we can mix and match a range of lines and prices, based on what you believe it right for your business and valuable to your customer.


Our visually appealing, neatly packed and ready to go snack pack boxes should be displayed in fridges in close proximity to your wine selections. Even better, we are supplying partners with fridges that can be placed at POS to increase customer attention and purchase.


And priced competitively, these Snack Packs are the complimentary item that will be too irresistible for customers to pass up!


If you are interested in stocking our Snack Packs at your store, please email admin@cheeseplz.com.au 


SKU: 004
  • - Community Co Extra Creamy Triple Cream Brie 125 grams

    - Royal International El Pozo Jamon Serrano 80 grams

    - Tuckers Quince Paste 50 grams

    - Urban Pantry Gluten Free Crackers 100 grams


    * if items unexpectedly become unavailable, they may change without notice and we will substitute with another quality replacement of equal or better value.

  • We strive to ensure all Cheese Plz customers are HAPPY customers. If you are unsatisfied with any items that arrive, please see our terms and conditions at www.cheeseplz.com.au/terms for information on what steps we will take to process a resolution for you.